It is not by happenstance life’s circumstances will take us on an unexpected voyage of unseen places and situations by challenging us about how to seize the moment to think, process, and approach these irregularities. With this project “SONGS FROM ISOLATION,” acclaimed bassist/composer Mark Wade’s concept is realized despite life’s unforeseen pandemic and isolation.

What I found interesting about ”SONGS IN ISOLATION” Mark is utilizing the familiar tools for producing music spun by a rejuvenated vision, thoughtfulness, and purpose-driven by the spirit of creativity to comprise, compose, arrange, perform and produce fresh heartfelt musical ideas to break new ground to record on his first solo bass in what he describes as a visual album.

With this new revelation, Wade’s unique approach not only gave himself an opportunity to do what he loves to do (play his bass) but also relate his passion and love for music to his fanbase and new audience at this time through the conduit of five warm and inviting solo compositions presenting listeners with the precious gift of music funneled through both apparatus.

After being introduced to is previous albums “EVENT HORIZON & MOVING DAY” both albums gave jazz lovers an inside view of what he is about musically. As a result, “SONGS FROM ISOLATION” provides fans with a fresh musical perspective by Wade composed and played these five songs by intermittently playing acoustic and electric basses. Therefore, this approach gives listeners his expected skilled tonality, and fluidity with the visual effects takes us all into a new dimension.

Visual Album Review by Rob Young (Altered Xpressions Music Review)

Watch this video titled “BLUES IN ISOLATION” from “SONGS FROM ISOLATION.”

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