After my first encounter with “EVENT HORIZON,” the gifted bassist/composer Mark Wade summoned the ears, heart, and souls of famished jazz lovers worldwide. With that said, I wasn’t surprised to hear about the arrival of his latest “MOVING DAY.” Much like those of you who heard his debut, I can appreciate the opportunity to submerge myself into the synergy, warmth, depth, and simplicity encompass in the body of this unsurpassed palette of music.

From the outset, the title piece “MOVING DAY,” as I hear this tune it sheds light on the fact that just because you’re a jazz artist and composer doesn’t mean that it’s necessary to score and play overly complicated songs. With his ample accomplices, Tim Harrison and Scott Neumann on hand blend their collective voices with near perfection embodies the chemistry, passion, and humility to make this happen.

As expected, In the context of this recording embedded throughout this winsome gem are influences of classic jazz melodies married and reinforced by the birth of new ideas and arrangements emerge together as one sumptuous sound for jazz listeners who cherished nuances of both worlds. The second track “WIDE OPEN” groans with anticipation, enthusiasm, and fervent appetite exude the character of each musician’s dexterity is more than a hint of what this album is all about.

The melodic reverie of “THE BELLS” is by no means elusive as it captures the complexity and charismatic interplay of this unmatched threesome.  It’s always great to hear an artist rendition of the Dizzy Gillespie classic “ANOTHER NIGHT IN TUNISIA.” Remarkably, Wade and company enrich this masterpiece with the timeless interplay of their own by executing their vibrant solos in the spirit of excellence.

With each listens, I’m compelled to believe that melodicism reveals the heart, soul, and spirit of an artist. In fact, their poise grace is exhibited on “SOMETHING OF A ROMANCE.” As a result, its adorned with timeless expressions of love underscored without words. The closing selection, “IN THE FADING RAYS OF SUNLIGHT” deserves repeated spins. I almost missed the magic of their intense, yet quietly explosive interplay simply radiates on this piece.

Considering these nine mostly original compositions by Livonia, Michigan native Mark Wade and his esteem friends paint an attractive tapestry of eloquent pieces masterfully played an underscored with thoughtful precision and understanding the language of jazz. With the wealth of content reinforced on “MOVING DAY,” he raised the bar of expectancy which should easily seize the moment and attention of both novice and seasoned jazz listeners alike.

~Reviewed by Rob Young | Altered Xpressions,  2018

MOVING DAY released February 2, 2018

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