Andrew Vogt | THE AV CLUB [ALBUM REVIEW, 2017]

Perhaps to contemporary jazz enthusiast dismay, this beloved genre due to an unexpected paradigm shift faded from its glory was reimaged to blend into the trendy Wave radio format suitably branded as smooth jazz. Fast forward thirty plus years later to 2017, the music we once knew is beginning to re-emerge with a persuasive voice that’s dynamic and solidified sound with unmatched diversity. In fact, it’s anchored in the bravado and style music aficionados cherished is being revitalized by expressive projects like “THE AV CLUB” envisioned by bassist/composer Andrew Vogt unveils his vision with inexorable vivacity the essentials of funk and jazz through the conduit on eight original compositions.

Vogt and his accomplices Sam Hudgens tenor sax, Corbin Andrick alto sax, flute, Anders Nordstrom guitar, compositions (2,7), Andrew Lawrence keys, space whales, Ryan Roberts percussion, and Zack Marks drums provide the unwavering skillset as the messengers of these spirited tunes.

The opener, “STEVLAND” poignantly exemplifies their presence with an appropriate measure of funk and jazz-scored by the ambitious Andrew Vogt. The band’s tenacious interplay radiates with bold and persistent dexterity, therefore, making their statement on what’s impending on this enticing palette of compositions are poised to satisfy the appetite of music lovers everywhere.

A spunky tune aptly titled “GRILL SERGEANT” drops at the second position, this gem is layered with fast pace rhythm’s accented by intense horns. On the flipside, the complimentary traits of “FAT TUESDAY” slows the tempo with a sequence of relative funky back beats and decisive interplay fills the gap with a comforting southern flavored vibe attached.

Vogt and company stay on point rhythmically speaking with “PEARHOFJAX,” although compelling this piece embellishes and old school romp as the main focal point they actively engage their voicings sonically which captures their musical personalities perfectly.

The interlude of “THUMPS UP” harbors remnants of jazz fusion which by the way is worthy of revisiting on Vogt’s next project. “SHACK DOG” appears next, it’s attached to the core of what his compositions are all about, they’re fun, funky and cohesive attributes without question accentuates the positive!

With two tracks remaining, “YAM LOTUS” at the seventh spot comprises some distinctive yet expresses perceptible elements of fusion more so than the previous tunes is clearly one of my favorites. The soulful “GODFATHER II” wraps up the session as you may imagine it has hints of James Brown’s sweltering rhythms meets rock melodies makes room for the band to strut they’re more than ample musicality.

THE AV CLUB by bassist/composer Andrew Vogt is a pleasant surprise and uniquely so because it’s great to hear new voices without being distracted by them attempting sound like everyone else. Bravo!!

Album Review: by Rob Young | Private Music Xperiment 


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