Hungarian jazz saxophonist Kristóf Bacsó voice erupts with an unique yet rich sound on Pannon Blue

kristof-bacso-triad-pannon-blue-liveTRIAD was formed in 2013 by three dominant figures of the younger Hungarian jazz generation. Saxophonist-composer Kristóf Bacsó’s pieces are marked by careful craftsmanship, joint improvisations, and unusual timbres. Their contemporary European jazz draws its influences both from the present day’s music and the Central and Eastern European musical tradition. To enrich this unique sound, Bacsó invited one of the most inventive contemporary jazz musicians, Lionel Loueke to participate in the recordings of the trio’s debut album.

The bond between the Hungarian saxophonist and the Benin-born guitarist dates back to the time when they were both attending the Boston Berklee College of Music. Loueke left Africa in 1994 to pursue jazz studies at the American School of Modern Music in Paris then came to the U.S. on a scholarship to the Berklee College of Music where he first encountered Kristóf Bacsó as well as his future trio mates Massimo Biolcati and Ferenc Nemeth. Praised by Herbie Hancock as ‘a musical painter,’ Loueke combines harmonic complexity, soaring melody, a deep knowledge of African folk forms, and conventional and extended guitar techniques to create a warm and evocative sound of his own. The musical reunion of Bacsó’s compositions with Lionel Loueke’s unique style resulted in exciting album. ~Editorail Review | Amazon

** Listen to Pannon Blue at Spotify **


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