Dan Costa, Suite Três Rios -[ALBUM REVIEW, 7/17/2016]-

Dan Costa, Suite Três RiosFrom the outset, with eight original compositions on hand pianist/composer Dan Costa’s debut album “Suite Três Rios” envelopes the warmth of impeccable Brazilian harmonies, melodies, and rhythms. As an example, Costa’s signature develops naturally with sumptuous portions of his inviting lyricism entangled in the frame of the eloquent opener “Alba” features cellist and instrumentalist Jaques Morelenbaum.

Costa born in London in 1989 to Portuguese and Italian parents, “Suite Três Rios” unveils lavishly the aura of his varied musical influences. On this occasion, pianist Dan Costa manages the fluidity of his compositional narrative seamlessly throughout. Therefore, the symmetry of these songs transition evenly on this canvas by excelling his voice with tunes like “Chorinho” and the timeless chant of “Samba” is adorn with appropriate shapes of jazz.

Boss Nova” appears at the fourth position, this sweet gem features vocalist Leila Pinheiro’s imaginative phrasings, tone, and charm which enhances the overall fabric of this entrancing body of work compiled by Costa.

With the remaining selections approaching, Costa’s signature continues to radiate through the chasm of the next track titled “Baião” features percussionist Marcos Suzano. In fact, the fragrance of Brazil on the enchanting “Maracatu” embodies the surreal melodies, rhythms, and flavors we tend to love about Brazilian music.

The fluid yet sobering timbre released on “Modinha” features the unwavering sound of multi-instrumentalist Teco Cardoso winner of 98 prestigious Sharp Award for Best instrumental CD by a new artist. With the final piece, Costa winds down this amazing eight-song session with a bouncy yet appetizing piece titled “Aria.

Although it’s easy to get distracted by the plethora of recordings available these days, it’s artists like pianist/composer Dan Costa who makes listening to music a lot simpler and enjoyable. His debut project “Suite Três Rios,” true enough is not trendsetting but from my perspective,that’s not what he’s trying to accomplish. If you enjoy Brazilian sounds underscored with flavors of jazz, you’ll find “Suite Três Rios” by Dan Costa the right choice for your music collection. ~Reviewed by Rob Young | Flux Media Xperiment

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